Four chaming plans near Granada



We are in a strategic area that allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of plans throughout the year.

In addition to skiing in Sierra Nevada and hiking trails near Finca Aldabra, we propose these four charming plans very close to Granada and the accomodation that are perfect to enjoy throughout the year.

Charming plans near Granada that we always recommend to our customers

Visit an Arab bath “hamman” in Granada

27 minutes by car from Finca Aldabra

The arabic culture is very present in Granada. You will notice when you arrive in the city. One of the most interesting plans if you want to relax is to visit one of the “Hamman” or Arab baths.

You will live a relaxing experience taking advantage of this ancient Arab tradition that you can combine with other treatments and services they offer. It is a most interesting plan to rest and relax after a day skiing in Sierra Nevada or doing a hiking trail near the accomodattion.

There are several Hamman in Granada but we always recommend the Hamman Al Ándalus Granada

Cycling in Sierra Nevada: Ascent to Veleta Peak

You can start the route from Finca Aldabra

A hard but beautiful route that you can start at Finca Aldabra, starting from Pinos Genil to Güejar Sierra and continuing to Sierra Nevada until you finish at the finish line used on the classic “Tour of Spain”.
Almost 80 km of route in total, by road and paths, which culminate with stunning panoramic views from the top of Veleta Peak and that, surely, are worth the effort of the climb.

This route is considered of a very high difficulty but, if you want, at the accomodation we can recommend much simpler routes that you can start from Finca Aldabra.

A visit to the Costa Tropical, the beach of Granada

55 minutes by car from Finca Aldabra

A most interesting plan throughout the year. In the autumn – winter months you can enjoy its tranquility and in the summer months, cool off on its beaches.

The Tropical Coast is an ideal place to visit charming villages such as Motril Salobreña or Almuñecar, and discover more of Granada’s culture through its flavors tasting its famous cuisine, especially fish from the area.

Another plan on the tropical coast that we always recommend to our clients when visiting the Granada coast is to make a stop in the mango and avocado fields and walk among the plantations. 

A walk through Pinos Genil

2 minutes drive from Finca Aldabra

Finca Aldabra we are in a very quiet area, without houses around, where silence and nature prevail but only 2 minutes by car from the accomodation is Pinos Genil, the town to which we belong.
We recommend you to visit the center of this charming town, which stands out for its aesthetics and its gastronomic offer. It is perfect to go to dinner one of the days of your stay and enjoy its lively atmosphere on all weekends.
We recommend you to enjoy the freshness of the river during summer nights sitting on a terrace. It is also a very interesting place for fishermen since it is a private trout fishing ground