Breakfast, and honesty bar


Among all the facilities and services we offer you at Finca Aldabra, our dining room stands out.
It is used for breakfast and as honesty bar, in which we have drinks that you can serve yourself and point in a notebook that we have to pay at the end of the stay.

Discover the breakfast and honesty bar, always available

Honesty Bar: Always there for you when you need it

We offer you this space free of charge with everything you need to prepare something quick. It has an area with all kinds of kitchenware (plates, glasses, knives…), a microwave and chairs and tables that you can use freely.

Perfect to prepare some sandwiches before going on an excursion, a salad or whatever you prefer, bearing in mind that it is not possible to cook.

Breakfast: Start the day with our buffet breakfasts

We love that our customers start their days with energy. That’s why we offer you our buffet breakfasts served in the dining area.

Coffees sweets, fruit, sausages and salty products … A full buffet to gain strength before starting a day discovering the charm of Granada, hiking or skiing in the Sierra Nevada sky resort.